May 16, 2016

Morning Walk Benefits for You and Baby

Hello everyone,
Sometimes all we need to do to feel better and relaxed is just a simple walk in the park. It's amazing how much the weather can affect our mood and how we feel.
This weekend we had one of those days when it was misty, slightly sunny, but still very warm.
I like weather like this, especially early in the morning. 
One thing a lot of people don't know about me is that I'm an early bird. I like to go out early, feel the fresh air, listen to the birds singing. 
My little one loves to be outside as well. He's looking around all curious, smiling and I can tell that he is absorbing all in. 
Morning walk is really good exercise that offers many benefits. 

The benefits of morning walk for you and the baby: 

- Walking outside gives your baby an opportunity to explore the world.

- It will help your baby to be more relaxed and happy. 

- Early morning walk will keep you energized for the entire day (I love it).

- Walking boosts vitamin D.

- It will help you to stay fit (walking tones up your legs, bums and tums).

- Morning walk is considered to be important to keep your brain active and healthy.

- It improves your sleep quality.

"An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day."
~Henry David Thoreau~

"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking."
~ Friedrich Nietzsche~

Mummy tips:

1. Always take your camera with you when you go out, there's so much beauty around.

2. Don't forget to add or take layers off your baby when needed and remember to protect your baby's delicate skin with the right sunscreen.




  1. I was thinking about starting 'morning walks'. Perhaps your post is a sign that I should. I almost forgot about it, but now your post made me think about it. My plan was to take shorts walks (30 minutes) in the morning, preferably in the nature ( fortunately there is a hill like 5 minutes from my house). I think this could even help me to organize my time better (I will let you know the results if I decide to do it).

    I remember that I had a friend who used to go jogging every morning and she said that helped her with studying (she was an excellent student so there must have been something to it). I do think that physical activity in the morning can be very good for us...on so many levels. Walking is one of the most natural things for any human beings. Running and jogging can carry some injury risks, but walking is suitable both for the young and the old. Furthermore, being outdoors boost our immune system and this is especially important for children. A morning walk with their baby is a lovely routine for any mother.

    Have a great day! I certainly learned something reading this post:)

  2. This post is absolutely beautiful!

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