March 31, 2016

Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat

Hello everyone,
When my little one was learning to sit up, I was thinking of buying a bumbo seat (rubbery chair). They hold the babies weight so they can't fall off. Then I came across Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat .  

I decided to buy it because it's suitable for the children from 4 months to 4 years old. The sides come up high around the baby, which gives a good support for the baby's back and prevent leaning over. Plus, it has a rotating tray with plenty of space to put an extra toys on it. You can remove the tray and just use the booster seat, which has a seatbelt.The orange part of the chair comes out as well, so when your baby gets bigger he can still use it.
My little one was 4 months old when we started using this seat. He's now 7 months old and he loves his chair a lot. It keeps him occupied for a long time. Once ordered it took only 4 days to be delivered from England to France.

What I like about this seat?

- It helps and support babies to learn to sit up.
- It has a 360˚ rotating tray with loads of activities to keep baby engaged.
- It has 3 stages: soft foam support seat, activity seat, booster seat.
- It's the ideal place to keep your little one entertained, safe and happy.
- It has 4 playful toys and 2 cup hoders.
- It's easy to clean.
- Great for feeding. Whenever I feed my son with solid food I use this chair.

Mummy tips:

I clean the baby seat with Dettol antibacterial surface wipes. 
They are safe to use where food is prepared, no bleach, no taint, no odor and no need to rinse. Dettol wipes allows you to disinfect any germ hot spots in one swift wipe. :-)

It's a good investment, I highly recommend this to everyone!




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  2. Omg how time fly baby is already sitting up is so amazing god bless it. Glad you back sweetie hugs doll.

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  7. It sounds really fun to kid and safety to every Mom, looks like great product ;)

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